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Castigion Del Bosco

A place packed with memories

The dusty white road meanders into the distance, lined by elongated cypress trees that create an illusion of depth. It leads to the Borgo, the former heart of Castiglion del Bosco’s farming community. Huddled on a hilltop, overlooking the patchwork fields that stretch out below in the direction of Montalcino, and dominated by the ruins of the Medieval castle, the Borgo was at the very center of the estate’s activities for hundreds of years. It is a place brimming with memories.

The subtle interplay of wood, wrought iron, and hewn stone respect the past and bring it back to life. The historic manor house, the old winery, the stables, the church of San Michele Arcangelo with its frescoes by Pietro Lorenzetti, the timeworn priest’s house and the other buildings have been restored to their former glory.

The Borgo has gained a new lease of life in the cooking school, the shop, the kitchen garden, the twenty-three suites and three of the ten restored farmhouses that have been transformed into Villas, surrounded by the colors of the Tuscan countryside.
An air of great serenity is evoked by the CdB Spa, the infinity pool, and a fitness center. The fruits of the land are cultivated in the rustic Osteria La Canonica in pure Castiglion del Bosco style, in the understated Ristorante Campo del Drago, in the CdBar, in the cozy smoking room, and in the wines of the nearby Winery with barrel room. The Borgo is packed with life and culture.

cdb_borgo_04.jpg cdb_borgo_01.jpg cdb_borgo_02.jpg cdb_borgo_05.jpg cdb_borgo_06.jpg
cdb_borgo_04.jpg cdb_borgo_01.jpg cdb_borgo_02.jpg cdb_borgo_05.jpg cdb_borgo_06.jpg