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Castigion Del Bosco

La Canonica Cooking School

La Canonica, the old priest’s house situated in the heart of the Borgo, houses the Castiglion del Bosco Cooking School. Only few steps from this restored building is the organic kitchen garden designed by the same landscape architect who created the Vatican Gardens. The seasonal plots and beds in the walled gardens contain over 180 varieties of vegetables and herbs. It is here that the link between land and cuisine is most evident, highlighting the importance of simplicity and genuine flavors.

The small classes offer the chance for hands-on experience, while the lesson with the Chef recreates a real situation, starting by selecting the raw ingredients in the organic Kitchen Garden. After returning to the kitchen, the class goes through all the phases of preparing and tasting the recipes: Tuscan Menu, Pizza, Fresh Pasta or Forgotten Flavours. This informal lesson recreates the way cooking skills were handed down in the past and is a real experience to be treasured.


CdB La Canonica Cooking School